Winterlicher Zucchini-Blüten-Ramen

Winter zucchini flower ramen

Step-by-step recipe for tantan broth with fried zucchini flowers and corn:

- Tantan broth from TADA Ramen
- Zucchini flowers
- Oil (for frying the zucchini flowers)
- Corn kernels
- Spice Up Chili Oil from TADA Ramen
- Noodles, e.g. from TADA Ramen

Warm up tantan broth
Start by warming the tantan broth in a pot. Allow the broth to heat slowly so that the various spices mix harmoniously with each other. The resulting hearty aroma promises comfort on cold winter evenings. The broth should not boil, now pour it into a bowl.

Prepare pasta
Cook the ramen noodles according to the packaging instructions so that they still have some bite. Add noodles to the broth in the bowl.

Prepare zucchini flowers
Heat some oil in a pan and fry the zucchini flowers until they turn golden. Add this aromatic oil to the warmed tantan broth to intensify the flavors.

Add corn kernels
Now add the corn kernels to the broth. These give the dish a sweet crunch and perfectly complement the savory flavor of the tantan broth.

Add zucchini flowers to the broth
The previously fried zucchini flowers are now added to the broth. Its delicate texture gives the broth a floral elegance and a refreshing note that enhances the dish.

Add spicy note
To give the dish a spicy touch, add TADA Ramen's Spice Up Chili Oil. This special oil brings a pleasant spiciness and additional aromas that perfectly round off the taste experience.

Now the dish is ready to serve, enjoy this delicious and aromatic dish that combines heat and taste.