NEU: Spice Up Würzpaste

NEW: Spice Up seasoning paste

A firework of flavors from Japanese cuisine

The innovative seasoning paste brings the incomparable flavors of Japanese cuisine to your plate and gives your dishes a strong and spicy note that you will love.

The taste - a firework of aromas

The TADA Ramen Spice up seasoning paste is characterized by its intense yet balanced taste. The combination of paprika and chili gives the spice paste a pleasant spiciness that provides just the right kick to awaken your taste buds. The fried onions and sesame add a subtle nuttiness, while the porcini mushrooms add an umami-rich depth. The result is a real firework of flavors that will take your ramen dishes to a new level.

Application tips - Versatile and simple

The TADA Ramen Spice up seasoning paste is extremely versatile and can be used in different ways. Here are some application tips:

Sautéing Vegetables, Ground Meat and Tofu: Use the seasoning paste to stir-fry vegetables, ground meat, tempeh or tofu. The spices and flavors will combine perfectly with the ingredients and give your dish an exciting spice.

Flavorful Addition to Ramen: Add a teaspoon of the seasoning paste to your ramen soup to give it an intense burst of flavor. You'll love the rich depth and sharp kick.

The content - 150g of pure spicy joy

The TADA Ramen Spice up seasoning paste comes in a 150g jar, which gives you enough supplies for numerous culinary adventures and, like all TADA Ramen products, is packaged plastic-free. With this generous amount you can prepare many delicious meals and impress your family and friends.


The TADA Ramen Spice up seasoning paste is a must-have for all ramen lovers and those who want to explore the flavors of Japanese cuisine. With high-quality ingredients, an incomparable taste and a generous 150g pack, it brings the best of Japanese cuisine into your kitchen. Discover new flavor dimensions and experience the kick of chili and peppers with TADA Ramen Spice up seasoning paste. Your next ramen dish is guaranteed to be a culinary highlight. Try it and let yourself be enchanted by the flavors of Japan!