TADA, Steffen Hensslers erstes Startup Investment

TADA, Steffen Henssler's first startup investment

An exciting partnership with one of the most famous personalities in the German gastronomy scene, Steffen Henssler. He is not only a renowned TV chef and restaurateur, but also an expert in Asian and especially Japanese cuisine. This expertise makes him a perfect partner for us. We are proud to have him on board.

A collaboration for the highest quality

The partnership with Steffen Henssler will allow us to take our ramen to a new level, especially in the area of ​​authentic Japanese ramen dishes. With his extensive experience and expertise, Steffen Henssler will support us in developing new recipes, improving our products and shaping our culinary vision. We are convinced that this collaboration will not only increase the quality of our ramen, but will also help to spread the fascination for authentic ramen in Germany.

Another step with Steffen Henssler

Steffen Henssler is not the only investor who believes in our vision. We have already gained a strong partner in the popular VOX television show "The Lions' Den": Nils Glagau. Working with Nils helped us make our ramen known to a wide audience and strengthen our brand. Now, with Steffen Henssler at our side, we are taking another significant step towards our culinary goals.

An even better ramen experience

You can look forward to exciting changes and innovative ramen dishes developed in collaboration with Steffen Henssler. We firmly believe that this partnership will help make your TADA Ramen experiences even more memorable. We look forward to seeing how this exciting collaboration unfolds in the coming months and years.

TADA Ramen stays true to its promise of making authentic ramen dishes accessible to you. We are proud to have found strong partners in Steffen Henssler and Nils Glagau who share our passion for good food and high-quality ingredients. Together we will continue to explore the world of ramen and always bring you new and exciting culinary experiences. Stay tuned and enjoy your next TADA Ramen meal!

Itadakimasu - Bon appetit!