handgemachte Ramen Schale

Ramen bowls “Handmade in Berlin”

Special bowls from special people

The TADA Ramen bowls are manufactured at the USE "Union of Social Institutions" (USE). The craftsmanship and production of the bowls at USE are unparalleled and reflect the passion and dedication they put into each and every one of their creations.

USE is based in Berlin and makes each bowl by hand. The bowls are shaped and designed to fit our TADA Ramen perfectly. Each bowl is unique and has its own story.

What particularly fascinates us about USE and their work is the attention to detail and the dedication they put into every bowl. The bowls are not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and durable. We are proud to work with USE and cannot imagine a better partnership.

Through our collaboration we also have the opportunity to get to know special people in Berlin who help make the bowls. Each of them contributes in their own way to making each bowl a unique work of art. We greatly appreciate the work and commitment of USE and its team and look forward to further successful projects together.


Hello Rebecca & Uta, introduce yourself. What are you doing, what is the USE doing?

As a non-profit company, USE gGmbH, part of the UNIONSHILFSWERK group of companies, offers educational, work and employment opportunities in Berlin and Brandenburg to over 1,000 mentally ill and disabled people.

Our ceramics factory is located in the middle of Berlin, in lively Kreuzberg. We, Rebecca and Uta, work here together with 16 other people. We are both trained ceramists.

In our ceramics factory, we traditionally handcraft tableware based on our own design. Our table decoration products are complemented by special editions and decorative home accessories. Our product line is characterized by a clear, contemporary design language and a simple, homely surface design.

Our products aim to be functional and suitable for everyday use while maintaining the natural charm of handcrafted ceramics.

In addition to our product line, special individual pieces are also created in our workshop, which we then offer at selected pottery markets or in our workshop sales.

As far as we are able, we also undertake individual and custom-made products for business and private customers.

How and by whom are our bowls made?

We produce the bowls for you on the screw-in spindle. We sent a model based on your ideas to our trusted mold maker. He then made working molds for us out of plaster. These working forms are inserted into the screw-in spindle and then produce the external view of the vessel. Now the sound comes into play. We put an appropriate amount of it in the mold and put the machine in rotation. When everything is spinning nicely, a wooden template comes into play from above, which then creates the inner shape of the bowl. This work also requires a lot of manual skills. The next day you can remove the containers from the mold, clean them up and add your beautiful logo.

Thanks to a firing temperature of over 1200 ° C, your bowls are very durable and dishwasher-safe. We only use raw materials that are safe to handle with food.

What makes you particularly happy about your work at USE?

We really enjoy our work and believe that we speak not only for ourselves, but also for our fellow potters. The work is very varied, so we never get bored. Here we can celebrate craftsmanship. ;-)

Thank you!