Pocket Hazel testet vegane Ramen aus Deutschland

Pocket Hazel tests vegan ramen from Germany

The German Youtuber Pocket Hazel recently published a video in which she tests various vegan ramen varieties from Germany, including TADA Ramen. With her authentic and friendly manner, she evaluates the different ramen and basic broths and gives her viewers valuable insights into the world of Japanese noodle soups.

Ramen test

In her videos, Pocket Hazel shows how to properly prepare the different types of ramen and gives tips on how to choose the best base broth.

As an experienced ramen lover, Pocket Hazel knows exactly what goes into a good noodle soup. She tests the ramen varieties for taste, texture and quality of ingredients and rates them based on her personal preferences. She also provides recommendations for different flavors, ensuring her viewers have a wide range of options to create their own ramen creations at home.

Pocket Hazel's videos are not only entertaining, but also informative and inspiring. She motivates her viewers to create their own ramen recipes and gives them confidence that they can perfect the art of Japanese noodle soups.