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Spice up your corn

Spice Up your Corn - The perfect seasoning paste for fried or grilled corn

Corn is versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Whether fried in a pan with butter or roasted on the grill, our Spice Up seasoning paste gives your corn dish an extra dose of flavor.

The Spice Up seasoning paste contains carefully selected ingredients such as peppers, chili, spices and more. No matter whether you prepare the corn in the pan or on the grill, this unique seasoning paste ensures an unmistakable taste.

To make fried corn, simply add some butter to a pan and heat over medium heat. Add the corn cobs and fry until golden brown. Then generously pour the Spice Up seasoning paste over it. Serve the spicy corn as a side dish or snack.

When grilling, brush the corn with melted butter and turn regularly over medium heat until evenly browned. Then spread the Spice Up seasoning paste on the grilled corn. Serve it as an impressive side dish to your main dishes.

With the Spice Up seasoning paste your corn dish gets an exciting seasoning. Try it out and enjoy a spicy corn treat with Spice Up!

Hot Mix Set with Spice Up seasoning paste

Hot Mix Set (vegan) with Spice Up seasoning paste